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What Causes Yellow Teeth?

We are all surrounded by temptations such as wine, coffee, smoking, and other foods and drinks that affect the color of our teeth. These types of everyday things can cause your teeth to start to yellow or go off-white. You want your teeth white?

Preventing Yellow Teeth

You might be wondering: how do I prevent my teeth from turning yellow? You can obviously avoid coffee and smoking, among other things that cause yellow teeth. However, that can be difficult, especially if you need caffeine to brighten your day. Why not choose the teeth whitening option? You can whiten your teeth at home with teeth whitening strips or some DIY ways on how to whiten your teeth. However, you should take advantage of your dentist. Visiting your dentist doesn’t necessarily mean you only get your teeth cleaned and cavities filled. Dentist offices such as Excel Dental offers cosmetic dentistry where they can whiten your teeth.

How to Whiten Your Teeth

Whitening your teeth by professionals is always the best teeth whitening solution. They know how much your teeth can take before it starts to affect your enamel. One of the significant aspects of getting your teeth to whiten by professionals is that this way is a lot faster because they can whiten your smile 4 – 8 shades whiter than your previous teeth’s color.

So, how do they whiten your teeth? This process will contain two different steps. First of all, they will create an impression of your teeth. Then, after the impression is made, they will make a customized tray from the impression of your teeth. This is done to make sure it fits your teeth correctly. This allows you to use the whitening trays over and over again. You can continue to use these trays for a few days to get the right shade of white just for you! The results will create a beautiful smile, perfect for picture time!

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