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Oral Cancer Screening
Battleground, WA

Close up of dentist examining a patient's mouth with a dental mirrorPatients need to have oral cancer screening done with regularity. It is noninvasive and vital to keep the patient’s oral cavity healthy. Every part of the patient’s mouth will be examined looking for any tissue which might warrant further analysis with the potential for oral cancer. Typically, the oral cancer screening can take place during the twice-yearly professional cleanings. It is very important to identify cancerous cells as early as possible in order to have a positive treatment outcome. The only way to identify it is with a professional evaluation.

Oral cancer not only affects the teeth and gums but also other tissues in the mouth. It can affect the teeth and gums as well as the tongue and even the throat. Most patients fail to realize it but it's true. Come into our office located at Excel Dental so we can answer any questions you have regarding oral cancer and schedule your assessment today.

High Risk Patients

There are specific factors which make some patients more likely than others to develop oral cancer. Any patient who uses tobacco products such as cigars, cigarettes or pipes as well as smokeless tobacco products is at risk. Although many people would not realize this, those patients who use E-cigarettes are all at a greater risk for contracting oral cancer. Anyone who abuses alcohol is also considered a member of the high-risk group. Another odd circumstance is any patient who has a high level of direct sunlight exposure can also be considered a high-risk.

Any patient who discovers strange-looking tissue or discolored patches in their mouth, they need to come in to see us immediately for an assessment. While the symptoms might not all be visible by a self-examination. Now, in other cases, symptoms might manifest themselves with pain or even teeth which have become loose.

Who Needs to be Screened?

As with most any treatment for any disease, early detection, and early treatment is the key to a successful outcome. When a patient has oral cancer, the threat is not only to the oral tissues but to the rest of the body as well. With the lymph nodes so close to the lower jawbone, the lymphatic system can easily become infected. When that happens, the rest of the body becomes at risk to have cancer as well.

How is a Cancer Screening Done?

While there can be some visible signs of oral cancer, the lesions, sores, and loose teeth, it cannot be diagnosed by simply looking at the oral cavity. The suspect tissue will have to be biopsied in order to tell if it is truly cancerous or not.

Oral cancer has been on the rise recently, the number of diagnoses skyrocketing. It has been linked to the rise in the occurrences of the human papillomavirus which is a sexually transmitted disease.

While patients can sometimes be anxious about the potential of having oral cancer, the evaluation still needs to be done. We can assess you quickly and easily at Excel Dental and if necessary, provide you with a solid treatment plan. We are available by phone for a consultation or to schedule your appointment. Give us a call today at (360) 369-3930.

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While patients can sometimes be anxious about the potential of having oral cancer, the evaluation needs to be done. We can assess you quickly and easily at Excel Dental. Call today!
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