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In-House Dental Lab

Technician working on dental crown in labTaking care of your mouth is essential for preventing serious oral health issues. Sometimes, however, issues arise. Teeth may get damaged. They may suffer decay. You may even experience tooth loss. When this happens, restorations are needed. With most dental offices, your impressions are taken and are sent off to a lab for creation. This often means a lengthy wait for your final restorations. At Excel Dental, our dental lab is located in-house.

What Our In-House Dental Lab Does

Behind every good dentist is an equally good team of dental technicians. The technicians in our in-house lab are highly experienced in creating the dental restorations you need so that we can help to restore your oral health and the appearance of your smile. Restorations created in our in-house dental lab include:
•  Veneers. Veneers are thin shells that cover the front area of your teeth. They are designed to cover over a variety of minor dental imperfections, including small chips or cracks, gaps between the teeth, misshapen teeth, and even discoloration. Veneers can be made from composite resin or from porcelain.
•  Crowns. Crowns are caps, meant to cover the entire visible surface of a damaged tooth. They have a few different functions. Crowns provide strength for weak teeth, protection from further damage, and prevent infections. They also help to avoid the need for an extraction. Crowns can be made from metal, porcelain fused to metal, or ceramic.
•  Bridges. Bridges are restorations designed to replace missing teeth. They can replace up to three missing teeth in a given area of your mouth. The bridge consists of the replacement teeth set between two crowns, which anchor onto adjacent healthy teeth for support.
•  Porcelain implant crowns. Implants are a revolutionary treatment for the replacement of missing teeth. The implant itself sits in the jawbone, placed there by a surgical procedure. We are able to create the custom crowns that the implants support, replacing the appearance and functions of your missing teeth.

Benefits of an In-House Dental Lab

There are several benefits of having our dental lab in-house. For one, there is no need for us to send your impressions potentially hundreds of miles away in order to create your necessary restorations. Instead, they are completed just a few feet away. We are able to have your dental restorations ready for you in significantly less time than if we had to send your impressions off-site. Communication between us and our in-house dental technicians is much quicker. If something is not quite right, we are able to make small, customized adjustments as needed in very little time, even at the last minute. This takes out the need to wait for your restoration, find out it doesn’t fit right, and then have to send it off once again. There is no delay in getting the care that you need.

There are other advantages to having an in-house dental lab. We are constantly being updated on the latest dental technologies and materials. With our lab in-house, we can evaluate them sooner, making them available to you as quickly as possible.

Our in-house lab helps to minimize the amount of time that you need to wait for your dental restorations. For more information, contact Excel Dental at (360) 369-3930 today.

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