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Dentures in a glass of water sitting on the palm of a handTooth loss treatments can vary from minimally invasive to incredibly invasive and the choices directing which is appropriate always are guided by the initial evaluation. Dentures are considered one of the most conservative options and are also minimally invasive. Supported by the existing tissues in the mouth, the most basic type of denture does not require additional dental appliances. In other cases, the dentures can be secured permanently in the patient’s mouth.

The causes of tooth loss do not matter. Whether by trauma, disease, or simple tooth decay, the effects of tooth loss remain the same. Patients still need to address the vacated sockets in their mouths or suffer even greater consequences. Partial dentures are false teeth that are secured to healthy teeth on either side of the empty space where the tooth used to be. Complete dentures are just as they sound a complete set of artificial teeth.

Those in search of an artificial tooth solution can look to dentures as a possible answer. Come to our office at Excel Dental to discover what options are available with denture treatments.

Types of Dentures

There are considered to be two different types of dentures. One is called immediate. The other is known as conventional. They are both performed only after tooth extraction. The healing time needed to have a successful conventional denture is at least two months. While this may seem like a long time, it is necessary to make sure the soft tissues of the gum have had time to fully heal. This means the gum tissue is firm enough to support the denture without subsequent discomfort once applied.

Immediate dentures are applied in a much different way. They are put into place immediately following multiple tooth extraction. While this may seem inappropriate and reckless it is not. This is a benefit because the patient will not have to wait for months before their dentures are placed. They will not have to avoid smiling and be embarrassed when interacting with others. Some patients will need to come back for additional appointments to reshape the dentures to make them properly fit.

The Need for Dentures

Massive tooth loss can be devastating to patients. Their cheeks and lips can drastically change positions without the supportive structure of teeth. This also changes the way they look to others. Dentures can restore that support in order to help their appearance return to normal. It also gives them a full set of operational artificial teeth. Patients can return to eating their normal diet without a problem.

How Often do I Need to Replace my Dentures?

The American Dental Association highly recommends replacing dentures, whether partial or complete, every five years. This is just a recommendation. Many patients have dentures that last a lot longer because they are properly cared for. It is important to do this because dentures are made of a softer material than natural enamel. This means they can wear more rapidly and potentially be stained easier.

Come see us today at Excel Dental to get answers to your questions regarding denture treatment options. We are always available by phone too at this number (360) 369-3930. Call us today for your appointment.

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Those in search of an artificial tooth solution can look to dentures as a possible answer. Call our professionals at Excel Dental today to schedule your appointment!
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