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Dental Veneers
Battleground, WA

Close up of dental veneerOnce Hollywood began to admit the use of veneers and stars openly discussed getting them to improve their smile and make their teeth look even and straight, the public began to request the same procedures at their local dental care practices. The number of veneer placements began to rise exponentially. Minimally invasive and very affordable, veneers are merely thin flakes of porcelain which are then applied to the visible face of the tooth. They can improve the cosmetic look of an uneven smile and brighten the patient’s teeth. They are secured by a strong adhesive.

All of us look in the mirror to make sure we look our best. We want our smile to be the brightest it can be. It is a big part of who we are and makes a first impression like no other. For those patients who are concerned with what their smile says about them, they should look into veneers as a possible solution. We are always available to meet your veneer needs at Excel Dental. Come in for the details you need. Come see us today.

Preparation of the Tooth Surfaces

Although the outer layer of enamel is removed in order to make sure the veneers will fit properly so they are unnoticed when patients chew and speak, do not be afraid. It is a thin amount of enamel removed. It is less than the thickness of a fingernail. If this is not done, then it will feel like something is on your teeth all the time and they will stick out further than they should. It allows the width post veneer placement of the tooth to remain consistent with the pre veneer placement thickness.

A local anesthetic is applied so the patient can be comfortable during the procedure. Once prepared, our staff will create a mold to make sure the veneer placement will be successful. Also, the veneers can be tinted to match the existing teeth color of the patient.

Recovery Period

Between two office visits, the veneer placement can be completed. During the first office visit, the teeth will be prepared by having the outer layer of enamel removed. After that, the size and color of the patient’s existing teeth will be matched with the veneer material. Also, the patient is shown the veneers before they are placed on the teeth, so they are able to offer feedback on what they think of the planned location and tint.

It should be known that while the end product is amazing, the smile perfect, the teeth straight and aligned, veneers are also incredibly delicate. They are, after all, merely thin slivers of porcelain and are known to chip or break off relatively easy. While they can break or chip, they can be repaired easily enough. Patients need to make sure they pay attention to what they eat, because some food and drinks can stain the veneers or even increase the chances of chipping. Come in today to talk about the veneer placements and have all of your questions answered. We are located Excel Dental. Patients can also give us a call at (360) 369-3930 to discuss it over the phone or to get an office visit scheduled.

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For those patients who are concerned with what their smile says about them, they should look into veneers as a possible solution. Call Excel Dental to schedule an appointment!
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