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Implant Overdenture with Bar &

Cost: $15,000 – $17,500
• Promotes better chewing & digestion
• Secures prosthetic teeth in place by snapping into four implants
• Does not rock or impinge on tissue – more comfortable than a two implant over denture
• Maintains bone levels and prevents further bone and soft tissue recession, and reduces need
for replacement of traditional dentures as often
• Helps retain facial features, facial muscles, and structure
• Dentures with dental implants are more comfortable and function better
• Four implants – prosthesis is rigid and not supposed to move or compress the tissue
• Addresses difficult angles of implants
Concerns / Disadvantages:
• Implants, and the prosthesis, just like teeth can develop problems and need repairing or
replacing – always recommend annual checkups
• More sophisticated dental needs and likely need to continue seeing a specific specialist
• Overall cost and time needed to complete procedures may be concerns
• More costly because of the extra implants and custom bar – much more secure than a two
implant over denture
Overdenture Maintenance:
• Annual Checkup
• Nylons wear out – need replacing every six to eighteen months – usually longer periods with
custom bar than with either four implants or two implants.
• Possible teeth or acrylic breaking – easy and fairly cost effective to fix, may have to go without
teeth for a single day or a few days.

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