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Does the thought of going to the dentist leave you riddled with fear, anxiety and dread? If so, relaxation through IV sedation may make your trip easier.

The Experience

For IV sedation, the dentist injects you with a medication to promote relaxation. You will remain conscious, but you will be less aware of what is going on. Because you will remain conscious during IV sedation, you’ll be able to respond to the dental team’s commands, such as opening your mouth or biting down. Time may seem to pass quickly, so even longer procedures will seem short. Afterward, you may not remember the treatment.

IV sedation is often paired with a local anesthetic to numb the treatment area.

The Benefits

IV sedation provides a means for you to comfortably receive the dental care that you need. Getting the necessary procedures done now will help guard against needing more serious procedures later on.

The Safety Guidelines

IV sedation should be administered only by a trained and experienced dental professional like Dr. Burke Jardine. Before beginning, your dentist will consider your medical history to determine whether you are a good candidate for sedation. During the procedure, you will be continually monitored to ensure that you are responding well to the medication.

There is a period of recovery after the IV sedation, so you will need someone to drive you home after your procedure. Since your decision-making skills and reaction time will be temporarily compromised, you should plan to take it easy for 24 hours afterward.

Are you wondering if IV sedation is right for you? Make an appointment with Dr. Burke Jardine at Excel Dental to learn more. You will be in good hands with his team.

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