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Preventive Care

Preventive Care

Oral Health Care & PreventionWhile modern advancements may have taken away the pain involved in dental surgery, the time and money spent to resolve an issue within your mouth can leave you hurting all the same. Dr. Burke Jardine, DMD, at Excel Dental is an expert dedicated to providing cost-effective care to all patients, and a key component of that affordability is preventative care. This means taking steps every day, many from the comfort of your own home, to keep you from ever requiring the more expensive procedures to repair and replace deteriorated teeth. Keeping your mouth healthy using these measures can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.


As with many health-related goals, tooth care begins with what you put into your mouth. Sugary sweets and junk food wear away at the enamel that protects your pearly whites. Try replacing your guilty pleasures with nutritious snacks that not only are less harmful but also strengthen your teeth.

Though brushing is a no-brainer to many, it is worth mentioning that daily brushing between meals is one of the most important precautions you can take in caring for your teeth. Regular brushing and flossing remove decaying foods that allow bacteria to erode your teeth as well as cause gum disease. Using a good fluoride toothpaste will kill bacteria and keep your teeth strong to prevent chips and cracks.

There are some things best left to the experts. Dr. Burke Jardine, DMD, is practiced in regular cleaning methods to catch what you may have missed while brushing and remove plaque that has built up despite your best efforts. Visiting your dentist often can help to identify problems early in order to make small corrections rather than lengthy procedures later.

If you have questions or would like to know more about preventative care, contact Excel Dental today. We’re happy to give you advice and welcome new members into our family of smiles.


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