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What Constitutes an Emergency Visit to the Dentist?

A dental emergency is a predicament that requires immediate action. It cannot wait until the next day, or after the weekend is over. Therefore, finding an emergency dentist near me is the first step after you realize the issue requires professional attention.

What is a dental emergency? There are obvious signs like when teeth get knocked out (avulsed) and less apparent dilemmas such as when the tooth becomes loosened (extruded) or fractured. Then, there are cut lips, gums, or cheeks to consider.

What is a Dental Emergency?

Many oral injuries are incredibly painful and require prompt medical attention. According to American Family Physician, approximately 22 percent of patients have experienced severe dental or oral pain in the last six months.

Dental emergencies are common so you are not alone. You can ask yourself the following questions if you are considering whether you need help immediately. We also encourage you to call our emergency dental office in Battleground WA if you have any doubts or concerns.

  •     Are you in severe pain? Intense pain and bleeding are cause for an emergency.
  •     Have you lost a tooth? Quick treatment can save the tooth.
  •     Is a tooth loose? It is a serious problem because teeth should never be loose.
  •     Are you bleeding in the mouth? Blood is a red flag for immediate medical attention.
  •     Does your mouth look infected? Abscess and other infections are potentially life-threatening.

Missing Tooth

Teeth get knocked out from an accident or injury. Teeth need to get reimplanted immediately in order to prevent having a missing tooth forever. Other complications could develop as well, including ankylosis.

Chipped or Loose Tooth

Both of these may not seem like a big deal, but the minor problem can lead to a major one. Chipped teeth can cause pulp tissue to get inflamed.

Teeth should also never be loose and are cause for an immediate appointment with a doctor. It can lead to aspiration, a dangerous condition where you accidentally swallow the tooth after breathing too hard and dislodging it.

Lost Crown or Filling

A lost crown causes significant pain and can damage the rest of the tooth since the crown is designed to protect it. Aspiration is also a risk with lost crowns, along with a missing filling. Contact a dentist immediately.

Emergency Dentist in Battleground WA

Any dental problem needs immediate treatment to alleviate intense pain, stop bleeding, or save a tooth or crown/filing. If you are demonstrating any of the above symptoms visit an emergency dentist in Battleground WA immediately.


Dental Emergencies You Should Visit Your Dentist For

What Qualifies as a Dental Emergency?

How do you know what constitutes a dental emergency? When should you call your dental office for an emergency appointment? Here are five dental emergencies that you should not hesitate to visit your dentist for near Battle Ground, WA.


Knocked-Out Tooth

A tooth can be knocked out from an injury or other accident. The tooth needs to be re-implanted right away in order to prevent the loss of the tooth. Splinting and antibiotic may also be needed. If the injury is not treated right away, complications could develop, including ankylosis, which causes a joint to become stiff, and resorption, which is the absorption of calcium from bone into the bloodstream.

Chipped Tooth

A chipped tooth may seem like a minor issue, but it can cause big problems. It should be taken care of immediately. It can cause the dental pulp tissue to become inflamed. This tissue contains blood vessels, nerves, and nutrients for the tooth, so inflammation can cause painful problems. Treatment for a chipped or broken tooth may include fillings, extraction, or a root canal.

Partially Dislodged Tooth

A partially dislodged, or loose, tooth can cause pain and inflammation. Depending on which part of the tooth has come loose, a sharp edge could cut into your gums. Like a chipped tooth, it could also cause the dental pulp tissue to become inflamed and infected. It could even result in aspiration, which is when you breathe too hard for the tooth to stay intact and end up swallowing it. This can cause damage to your throat and esophagus, potentially putting you in the emergency room. A dentist should be seen right away for splinting, extraction, or a root canal, depending on the complications that may accompany the loose tooth.

Lost Crown

A lost crown can cause pain as the tissue underneath is exposed to temperature, pressure, and air. The rest of the tooth can also become more damaged without the crown there to protect it. Another risk is that the tooth will fill in the space of the missing crown if you wait too long, requiring you to get a new crown since the old one no longer fits. Aspiration is also a risk if you swallow the crown when it comes off.

Lost Filling

A lost filling can pose the same risks as a lost crown. Pain, tooth damage, and aspiration could result from a lost filling. You should see your dentist immediately to replace the filling.


Excel Dental Can Help You With Your Dental Emergency Near Battleground, WA

Excel Dental in Battleground, WA, can help you with any dental emergency you might be faced with. Whether it’s a knocked-out, chipped, or loose tooth or a lost crown or filling, we can help you re-implant or replace the tooth, crown, or filling. We can also treat any complications that might arise. Contact Excel Dental today for your dental emergency.


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