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What To Do When You Have a Chipped or Broken Tooth

What To Do When You Have a Chipped or Broken Tooth

Chipping your tooth is one of those accidents that everyone aims to avoid but sometimes just can’t help doing. Most people hate the sight of their own chipped teeth and will immediately make plans to see a dentist to get it fixed (unless they’re professional hockey players, in which case they wear it like a badge of honor).

If you have recently chipped a tooth, you may be wondering what you need to do. Ultimately, you need to go to a dentist, but as it turns out there are a series of steps that you can do immediately to help prevent further damage to the tooth and alleviate pain.

The first thing you should do is rinse your mouth out. Usually, when an individual chips their tooth, they get a chalky taste in their mouth which can be quite annoying. Rinsing your mouth out with water can get those fragments out and can help staunch any bleeding that may be occurring as well.

Next, consider taking a low dosage painkiller if it is painful. Remember that teeth do have nerves running through them, so often time when it is chipped, the tooth can be quite painful. Tylenol or other over-the-counter medications can help alleviate this pain.

You will also want to cover any part of the tooth that is jagged or sharp. Many dentists suggest using sugarless gum or wax paper in a little ball to help prevent that sharp edge from cutting another part of your mouth. Make sure to continue replacing whatever you use.

Beyond these fixes, make sure that you avoid eating food in that general area. If you can, use another part of your mouth to eat, as excess use on the chipped tooth could lead to further damage and more pain, which is exactly what you should be trying to avoid.

Contact Us for a Chipped Tooth

Finally, call your dentist! While a chipped tooth may not be grounds for an emergency appointment, you can set up an appointment immediately to get a procedure done, such as a filling, a crown, or veneer, to fix the chipped tooth. If you are in Battleground, Washington, contact us and we will use the best procedure to help with your chipped tooth!


Types of Dental Crowns in Battle Ground

Types of Dental Crowns in Battle Ground

Millions of people across the United States suffer from tooth loss, be it from disease, poor dental health, or injury. If you are one of these people you may be pleased to find out that there are numerous options for you. One of the most common are dental crowns, which can be very beneficial to your oral health. If you are looking for information on dental crowns in Battle Ground, look no further!

First things first: what are dental crowns? Dental crowns are caps that fitted over the problematic tooth. They are shaped like teeth and filled with a cement-like paste that binds the cap to the previous tooth. Once they are implanted, the previous decayed or broken tooth will appear to be whole again.

Dental crowns are used in a wide variety of cases. On one hand, if the tooth has been affected by decay and is losing integrity, a dentist will place a crown on it to protect the tooth from breaking apart. Teeth that are already broken (for example, a chipped tooth) will also have crowns placed over them in order to protect the broken tooth. Dental crowns are also commonly used for a cosmetic function: teeth that are decayed, discolored, or broken can be covered up with a crown to provide a white smile again and return the mouth to a healthy state.

There are permanent and temporary dental crowns. Both are made of different materials, but some, such as the all-ceramic variety, provide a more natural color to the surrounding teeth. Most patients getting dental crowns in Battle Ground have a temporary crown put in until the permanent crown comes in.

Types of Available Dental Crowns in Battle Ground

If you are in the Battle Ground area, you have access to just about every type of dental crown out there.

Dental Crowns can restore a mouth to be more healthy and more beautiful. Permanent crowns such as those made of all-ceramic can cover up the teeth and provide a beautiful smile. When you no longer have to worry about a chipped or decayed tooth, you no longer have to worry as much about your dental health or smile.

Stop by your local dentist and ask about dental crowns. They will help restore your oral health and bring back that beautiful smile!


What To Do If You Have a Broken Tooth

What To Do If You Have a Broken Tooth

You’re eating something hard, you fall, or you get hit in the face and end up with a broken tooth in Battle Ground, WA. Hopefully there’s no blood but there might be. You’re probably wondering what to do. There are some easy steps to follow to help deal with any pain and fix the problem.

What To Do

If the break is small you might not feel any pain at all. If you have a big break there may be nerve damage, which can cause pain. The affected area may feel uncomfortable when you eat and drink hot or cold things, or expose the area to air. You want to get to the dentist as soon as possible to fix the area. The tooth may get infected if you wait. If your tooth gets infected you may need to have it removed. Until you can see the dentist follow these steps.

  1. Gently and thoroughly rinse out your mouth with warm but not hot water.
  2. If the area is bleeding use a piece of gauze to create pressure. Continue to apply pressure until the area stops bleeding it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes. If the gauze doesn’t work use a teabag to apply pressure.
  3. If you experience pain and/or swelling use ice or cold pack on the area to help. Take a pain reliever like ibuprofen to reduce pain as well.
  4. If you can’t see a dentist for a while buy temporary dental cement from a drugstore and use it to cover the broken area.

Seeing a Dentist for a Broken Tooth in Battle Ground, WA.

The dentist will assess the damage. Then he or she will determine the best course of action. The dentist will either smooth down the area if it’s a minor break or repair the tooth with something like a protective crown, dental bonding, or veneers. In extreme cases you may require a root canal to repair the tooth or a dental implant if the tooth is damaged below the gum line. It’s important to see a dentist that is both skilled and experience with breaks, so that you get the proper diagnosis and the best possible repair. Excel Dental is experience in dealing with breaks and chips of all kinds. Give Excel Dental a call so that you can get your tooth fixed quickly, properly, and with the caring service you expect.

Getting Root Canals in Battleground

Getting Root Canals in Battleground

Thanks to advancements in recent years, getting root canals in Battleground can be a wholly positive experience. Through sedation dentistry, improved techniques, and the benefits that come from root canals, you’ll be at ease about your next procedure.

The Benefits of Root Canals

Root canals save your otherwise compromised teeth, giving you the following benefits:

  • Reduced Upkeep Cost: When you seek alternative means to a tooth after it’s been pulled, they require upkeep. Over time, you spend more on implants, crowns and/or bridges than you would by saving your own teeth.
  • Pain Elimination: There will be no more natural pain, since your tooth pulp is being removed. Your dentist will use various methods to seal off your teeth afterwards in an effort to prevent future infections and keep your teeth structurally sound.
  • Health Enhancement: Diseased pulp takes a negative impact on your overall health. Our mouths are the gateway to the rest of our body, and oral issues have been linked to numerous problems located throughout your body. Removing the diseased pulp does more than save your tooth; it improves your health.
  • Restore Full Function: When your tooth causes you pain from simple tasks, such as chewing, you adjust accordingly to alleviate pain. When you do that, you wear down the opposite side of your mouth, causing an entirely different set of issues. When you restore full function to your teeth, you resume your healthy habits.

Sedation Methods

Depending on your preferences, you can be put under general anesthesia or remain awake and utilize pain reduction techniques. Root canals have been synonymous with negative experiences, but thanks to modern medical technology and the skill of your dentist, you’ll be able to lean back and relax. Root canals have become another frequent procedure that your dentist will be adept in.

Root Canals in Battleground From the Experts That Care

At Excel Dental, we’re dedicated to your experience from beginning to end. Your next root canal in Battleground can be relaxing with fantastic results. Call today for a free consultation and find out why Excel Dental is the most trusted name in Battleground, WA.

Dentures in Battleground, WA: What You Need to Know

Dentures in Battleground, WA: What You Need to Know

Do you need dentures in Battleground, WA? We can help! Turn to Excel Dental for the best experience possible with dentures.

About Dentures

Dentures are often a fantastic solution to most dental problems. Through numerous medical issues, you can experience immense tooth loss, which can lead to a lack of confidence, not to mention a difficult time when it comes to eating.

Dentures have withstood the test of time, even with dental implants being available, because they work wonders. Imagine never feeling tooth pain again, never worrying about losing a tooth in a noticeable area: the appeal of dentures is clear, but what about the application?

When you get dentures, you’ll endure a quick adjustment period. You may have to have them adjusted up to four times in the first year. After that point, as you and your body age, you’ll only have to get your dentures checked once every 3-5 years for placement checks.

If you’re considering getting dentures, know that you should clean them a minimum of twice per day. There’s no negative aspect to cleaning them more often, and it allows you to keep check of anywhere where food may get stuck.

You can’t just use any cleaner on it, though. Dentures are durable, but not indestructible. Pay attention to specific types of cleaners, and don’t opt for the cheap options. In the long run, it will end up costing you more if you damage your dentures.

Dentures can still stain just like your normal teeth. Make the appropriate changes to reduce coffee and wine consumption, or at the very least, only consume them without your dentures in place.

You should care for your dentures every single night. It’s best not to sleep with them in order to avoid oral thrush. You can leave them in a cleaning solution to prevent warping overnight, protecting them while you sleep.

Schedule an Appointment for Dentures in Battleground, WA

Age and oral structure take place in your eligibility for dentures. They aren’t for everybody, so before you decide to dive in headfirst, consult your dentist and discuss your options. Make an appointment with your Battleground, WA dentist today to figure out if you should be considering dentures.

5 Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

5 Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

Visiting your cosmetic dentist is a bit like Christmas for children—you know you’re going to walk out every time with a bit more than you went in with. A whiter smile, a fuller laugh, and a more confident you. You could benefit from some of the most popular forms of cosmetic dentistry treatments available today; it all starts with a call to Excel Dental.

1. Gingival Contouring

If you or a friend have ever described your smile as “gummy” or “toothy,” gingival contouring could be the solution you’ve been waiting for. Your gums are sculpted to bring your smile to where it needs to be; perfectly on-point .

2. Porcelain Crowns

Cavities happen. Sounds like a bumper sticker, but it’s the truth. If part of your tooth has had to be removed, especially if the cavity was in the center, you’ll be worried about how it’s going to look. Porcelain crowns give a uniformity to your teeth; they are specifically designed to match the size of your existing teeth, while providing a cavity-proof shield and protecting your filling.

3. Invisalign

Some might argue the cosmetic need for this. While you want to keep a proper bite going and aligned for multiple reasons, we can’t argue one thing—your smile is going to look amazing, and nobody will ever know that you’re using Invisalign. Everyone can appreciate a straighter smile.

4. Porcelain Veneers

It’s like getting a brand new tooth or multiple teeth! Porcelain veneers can last you a lifetime, and are the main component of a successful smile makeover. Porcelain, when properly maintained, can also last longer than your permanent teeth. Veneers are simple to clean, and can be whitening a few times in their life to bring back that stark white glow.

5. Teeth Whitening

The most popular cosmetic dentistry application every single year: teeth whitening at home and teeth whitening in an office are two entirely different experiences. For one, you take the professionalism out of it with at-home whitening strips, and can’t always guarantee success. At a cosmetic dentistry office, you get a skilled dentist and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure success.

We know you got excited—which one do you want to know more about? Give us a call today and discuss your next cosmetic dentistry treatment. Transform your smile, and propel your confidence to new heights.


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