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Zoom! Whitening: The Treatment That Offers Quick Results

Teeth whitening can be a tricky treatment, especially if you’re not sure which treatment is best for your smile. Well, we are here to tell you all about Zoom! Whitening, which is a teeth-whitening treatment that can brighten your smile in just 45 minutes. This in-office procedure is simple and effective and it can give you the results you are looking for in no time.

How do I know Zoom! Whitening is the best treatment for me?
The only way to know if this treatment is the best for you is to meet with your dentist. When you come into our office, your dentist will examine your smile and will check the health and strength of your teeth and gums. If everything looks good, this treatment is right for you!

What is the process involved in Zoom! Whitening?
The Zoom! Whitening process involves the following steps:

1. You will come in and sit in one of our comfortable dental chairs.
2. Your dentist will cover your gums and lips to protect them from the whitening solution.
3. Dr. Sanjeev Sharma will paint the solution onto the surfaces of your teeth.
4. When you are ready, the solution will be activated with a special light. This will take about 15 minutes.
5. After the time is up, your dentist will re-apply the solution onto your teeth as well as activate it two additional times.

What do I do after my smile is whitened?
When your treatment is completed, your dentist will give you a touch-up whitening kit to use at home. The kit should include custom-made whitening trays. Your dentist will give you the instructions you need to successfully use the kit. Dr. Sanjeev Sharma will also give you tips on the foods, drinks, and products to avoid so you can maintain a brilliant smile.

If you’re interested in whitening your smile with this beneficial treatment, we encourage you to call our office today at call skype logo360-666-5700 and schedule an appointment with Dr. Sanjeev Sharma. Our team at Excel Dental is here to help you in any way we can, and we look forward to your call!

Why Flossing is so Important?

Do you ever wonder why dentists always seem to talk about the importance of flossing? Do you ever wonder why flossing is so important?

Similarly, did you know that some people—even people who floss every day—don’t remove all the plaque they could from their teeth? Our team at Excel Dental is happy to give a few tips on ideal flossing technique and to discuss the dangers of neglecting this important practice.

How Important is Flossing?

Flossing should be an integral part of your oral hygiene. If you don’t remove plaque from your teeth, your gums could become inflamed—including plaque that can’t be reached with a brush. If plaque is left on your smile, you could damage experience a wide array of problems, including gum disease. This is a problem because gum disease has been tied to heart disease, dementia, respiratory problems, diabetes and cancer because the bacteria enter your blood stream through your gums.

How Can I Improve My Flossing?

Even if you floss daily, if you miss plaque, your teeth could still be at risk for gum disease. This makes using proper techniques more important. The first thing you should do is wash your hands. Also, please remember to use clean areas while you gloss. Germs—whether on your hands or floss—may enter your blood stream and lead to other complications.

When you floss, you should wrap about a food and a half of floss around your middle finger. Use your thumb and index finger to guide the floss. Remember to glide the floss up and down your teeth, remembering to clean under your gumline.

With these tips, you may be able to improve your oral hygiene. If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us at call skype logo360-666-5700. We will be happy to answer any questions you have.


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